Under current COVID lockdown, we are closed, we are looking at re-opening again after the 2nd December. Please use  the "book a session" link at the top menu to book a slot when we reopen.

The bookings are released on:

  • Monday shooting - Tuesday before.
  • Friday shooting - Saturday before.
  • Sunday shooting - Monday before.

New procedures for attending the range.

  • If you are late, you will not be able to access the range and will lose your slot.
  • If you are booked to attend but feel ill, DO NOT attend! 
  • All attendees and range staff will need to wear masks at all times in the club premises 
  • Antibac is available at the entrance and on the ranges. Please use this on entry\exit and as needed on the range 
  • There are only 2 shooters allowed on each range at a time and one Range Officer (RO) 
  • Shooters have 30 minutes from the booking time to move to the range, unpack, setup, shoot, breakdown and leave 
  • The range officer will agree with the shooters what order of fire they would like to conduct 
  • After shooting has completed, shooters leave appropriately spaced and RO’s have 10 minutes to clean the range down and then the next session will start. 
  • All shooters are requested to attend and leave as quickly as possible, please do not stand around or mix with shooters from other ranges outside of your booking.