We are open again from May 24th with all ranges opening.


  • The rule of 6 will apply on each range and so the maximum number of people allowed in the caves with all 3 ranges open will be 18 including RO's.
  • Access to the caves / ranges / numbers will be controlled by the Range Officer of each range and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.
  • Please wait in the tunnel for the range officer / instruction to move into the caves.
  • If you cannot be accomodated in a shoot, please be patient for the next session or accept gracefully that you might need to come back next week.
  • We are all volunteers and your help with this would be appreciated.


  • All attendees and range staff will need to wear masks at all times when not on the firing line
  • Antibac is available at the entrance and on the ranges. Please use this on entry\exit and as needed on the range 
  • There are only up to 5 shooters allowed on each range at a time and one Range Officer (RO) 
  • Shooters have 45 minutes from the booking time to move to the range, unpack, setup, shoot, breakdown and leave 
  • The range officer will agree with the shooters what order of fire they would like to conduct 
  • All shooters are requested to attend and leave as quickly as possible, please do not stand around or mix with shooters from other ranges outside of your booking. 


  • Monday - 3 ranges (10m - air, 20yd - air or live 0.22rf, 25m - live 0.22rf) - 2 sessions, 7:30pm and 8:15pm (probationers & members)
  • 2 * Fridays a month (20yd - live) - members
  • 2 * Sundays a month (20yd - FullBore) - members