All About Us

Membership subscriptions are due on 1st January annually - the classes of membership within the Club are:

  • Probationary member - £2 per visit & Cardage & Ammunition
  • Annual member - £65 per annum (£5 discount for early payment)
  • Junior member (ages 8 to 18) - £30 per annum (£5 discount for early payment)
  • Annual & Junior members are pro-rata for new members during the year

After serving not less than three months as a probationary member, during which they will have shot on the Club’s ranges on not less than 18 occasions, application may be made for full membership. The Committee has an absolute discretion to extend or reduce the probationary period for any or all probationary members, and to impose such conditions as it deems fit on any or all probationary members, as well as approve or deny a membership application.

The costs for a visit vary but there is an example below which should help you to budget for a visit to us:



Prices - Air Range (10m)

  • Visitor fee: £2 per session
  • Air pellets: 1p per pellet
  • Targets: 10p per target
  • Air charge: 50p per evening
  • Average evening would be shooting 50 pellets on 5 targets + visitors fee i.e. £3.50

Prices - .22 Live Fire (25yd)

  • Visitor fee: £2 per session
  • Ammunition: £6 per box (50 rounds), whole boxes only
  • Targets: £0 (included in ammo cost)
  • Average evening would be shooting 30 rounds on 3 targets + visitors fee i.e. £5.00 (based on coming more than one week)

Your First Visit

Your First Visit – Monday night 7:30pm

Where are we:

The shooting range is in sand caves adjacent to Reigate town centre and can be found by walking up from the town centre between The Old Market Hall pub and Café Rouge into the tunnel. The entrance door is half way back on the left hand side. The visitor session is held on Monday’s between 7:30pm and 9:00pm (except for Bank Holidays).

The door is kept locked therefore you should arrive and wait at the door between 7.25 and 7.30 to be let in or there is a door bell to alert us you are there and you should insert a pen or key into a hole in the top right of the door, we will hear it and come and let you in.

What we need from you: As a beginner, we do not expect you to have your own gun and we have a selection of club guns you can use and you do not need a firearms license to use these guns. You just need to provide some identifications, sign a form specifying that you are not banned from handling a firearm and bring some cash with you, about £5 in coins.

What will you do:

For your first 3 weeks minimum, you will then be escorted to the air range where you will be introduced to the Range Officer who will guide you through gun handling and safety as well as having a chance to shoot the air rifles on the 10m range. Once you have some confidence on this range you could then progress to the 20 yd (air & .22rf) or 25yd (.22rf) as your skill and interests increase.


After your first visit, you can then become a probationer before being considered for membership after about 18 visits and with agreement of the committee. Junior visitors pay a £1.00 per visit with adults paying £2.00 per visit fees, plus fees for gas (50p), shooting cards (10p/20p) and pellets (1p per round as used), so an evening of shooting should cost you about £3 to £5 in total.

Reigate Miniature Rifle & Pistol Club shoot several disciplines including .177 Air (Pistol and Rifle) at 10m as well as .22rf at 25yd on a Monday night. Safety is, of course, our first priority and we are able to train and give guidance to both beginners and to shooters to a reasonably high standard. Members can take part in club and postal competitions so in time if you remain interested you can pursue the sport to whatever standard you choose.

Please give us a call on 07383 466333 if you would like to come or if you would like to discuss the club in more detail, or leave a message for me to call you back at a convenient time.

We hope to see you down at the Club sometime soon.

Opening Times

Opening Times & Types

  • All (Visitors, members and probationers) - Mon - Air (10m & 20yds)/Rimfire (25yd) 7:30pm to 9:00pm
  • Members and probationers - Fri – Air/Rimfire 7:30pm to 9:00pm (1st & 3rd of month)
  • Members  - Practical shooting is available, please contact a committee member for details
  • Members and probationers - Sun – Fullbore 10:00am to 12:00pm (1st, 2nd & 3rd of month)

Other range times by agreement of the Committee.
Only airsoft, airguns, .22 calibre rimfire & full-bore weapons limited to 1,450 ft/sec. may be fired on the appropriate ranges.


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